Women Entrepreneurship, A job creation engine for South East Europe Project

This project targeted South East European Region, mainly the countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYRoM, Kosovo (UNSCR 1244), Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey. The aim of the project is:

1. Forming a coherent Women entrepreneurship policy framework in South Eastern Europe,

2. Strengthening capacities of women entrepreneurs and their networks/associations

3. Establishing a Systematic policy dialogue between relevant stakeholders

As the Turkish partner of the project, KAGIDER held national focus groups with 10-15 established Women Entrepreneurs in order to ascertain their needs, concerns, and state of organization. These results are analyzed and will produce a national and regional insight into the needs and position of women entrepreneurship organizing and functioning in Turkey. KAGIDER organized and hosted “The Best Practices Conference” of the project in Istanbul