• What are the Membership Conditions of KAGIDER?

    1) To be entitled to civil rights,

    2) To be over 18 years-old,

    3) Not to be restricted from becoming a member of associations permanently or temporarily,

    4) To accept the aims and obje ctives of the Association,

    5) For non-Turkish individuals - to have a residence permit in Turkey,

    6) There is no discrimination based on religion, language, race and gender in membership for the Association.

    Real persons who officially notify that they have employed at least 3 employees in their workplaces, provided that they actually work and have operated in this way for at least 2 years; as self-employed by being registered at the related occupational organization or in the commercial enterprises of which they own or are a partner of that capacity can become members with the decision of the Board.

    Members have the right to elect and be elected, and they can take part in any organ of the association and benefit from its effectiveness by having all membership rights and powers.

    Members are charged an entrance fee and are required to pay annual dues.

    Entrance fee: 7.500,- TL, Annual Fee; 4.400,-TL

    For detailed information about KAGIDER membership, you can contactofis@kagider.org

  • How can I be ınformed about your events?

    You can be informed about our events and activities by checking our social media platforms and our website. Upon your request, we can add you to our communication network. To join our communication network, you can send your request toofis@kagider.org email address.

  • Can I attend your events wıthout beıng a member?

    Events are arranged for different purposes and for different target groups. If the events you are interested in is held open to the public, you can join.

  • What ıs KAGİDER Compass?

    KAGİDER Compass is an online entrepreneurship workshop arranged by KAGİDER. There are more than 100 educational videos on KAGİDER Compass, prepared by members and instructors who are specialists in their fields. You can register free onwww.kagiderpusula.org and watch the educational videos.

  • I want to start my own busıness. Do you provıde fınancıal aıd?

    KAGİDER does not give any financial aid or sponsorship. KAGİDER is a non-profit NGO that supports women entrepreneurs by providing them with education and mentorship support. If you want to get more information about the education and mentorship supports given to women entrepreneurs to start or develop their business, you can send an email toofis@kagider.org

  • How can I benefıt from your mentorshıp programs?

    Our mentorship programs are arranged periodically and work on project basis. To join the mentorship program, you have to participate in projects that offer mentorship support.

  • I have a busıness ıdea, what support do you gıve ın thıs regard?

    You can join the “Building My Business Program” where KAGİDER members give trainings on developing a business plan, fiscal legislation, intellectual property rights, law, marketing, technology and human resources to aspiring women entrepreneurs who want to start their business.

    Before the pandemic, “Building My Business Program” was held in KAGİDER office. The three day program has been held online since 3 March 2020. You can follow the dates from our social media accounts or email announcements.

    Please click here pre-registration to program

  • I am lookıng for a job, how can you help?

    Since KAGİDER is not an authorized body to find jobs for employees, we cannot help in this regard. You can get in contact with İŞKUR Turkish Employment Agency which is a legal authorised body in this context.

  • What ıs Young KAGİDER?

    Young KAGİDER, which is one of the most successful projects of KAGİDER, aims to create awareness on gender inequality by addressing young women who are between 18-30 age span. It aims to support their productivity, develop their entrepreneurship activities and to inspire them to be involved in business life.

    At Young KAGİDER, interactive panels, trainings and projects, meetings with the leaders and internship programs are offered.

  • How can I be a member of Young KAGİDER?

    At Young KAGİDER, there is not a membership system, but instead we have a volunteering system. You can volunteer at KAGİDER’s projects and activities. We announce the projects which you can work voluntarily on our social media accounts and our website.

  • We wıll organıze an event at our Unıversıty, how can you support?

    As KAGİDER, we can provide spokesman support to the events of university groups. We kindly request you to send an email toofis@kagider.org one month before the event, giving information on;

    · Time, date and place of the event

    · The topic of the event

    · The topic expected from the spokesperson

    · The format of the event (Will there be a presentation of the spokesperson or an interactive panel with a moderator?)

    · The number (or the estimated number) of participants

    · Other invited speakers

  • I want to contact KAGİDER for my thesıs study. How can you help?

    You can send an email to ofis@kagider.org with the content of the interview with the questions you want to ask.

  • Can you share the survey of my thesıs study wıth your members?

    As KAGİDER, we do not offer support in this manner.

  • I want to do an ınternshıp. Can you gıve me ınternshıp support?

    You can send an email toofis@kagider.org including your resume, and information on the field of internship and the duration of the internship.

  • Dou you have scholarshıp opportunıty?

    KAGİDER does not give any financial support.

  • What ıs Women Leaders of The Future (GKL) Project? Who are the women leaders of the future?

    Women Leaders of the Future Project is a training program, arranged with the cooperation of KAGİDER and Sanofi, to prepare young women to business life and give them a good professional start by developing their competence and strengthening their professional communication networks. People who are between 20-25, new graduates who have high career objectives with high work motivation, who are success- oriented and who have been granted a scholarship, who are English–speaking and who has a former work/internship experience and who has volunteered at NGO’s can apply for the program. The women leaders of the future are young women who have participated in the 4 day training and have earned a certificate.

    You can have detailed information at www.geleceginkadinliderleri.org adress.


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