What is the Women Exporters Program?

What is the Women Exporters Program?

The Women Exporters Program (WLP) is a training program organized to encourage women entrepreneurs to open their businesses to the world. The program is carried out in partnership with UPS, KAGIDER and KEDV.

Within the scope of the program, women entrepreneurs are aimed to contribute to the sustainable development goals in their regions and in different cities in Turkey and abroad, trainings on topics such as market access, e-export and traditional export, logistics process management, etc. are provided.

Who Can Participate? What is the Event Program?

Women entrepreneurs who own small and medium-sized companies, have sole proprietorships or have individual businesses can participate in the trainings that last all year. All women entrepreneurs who have exported before or are just starting to export can be included in this program.

The programs held so far and the numbers of women entrepreneurs that participated in the program are as follows: