WE TOUR Project – Women's Empowerment Through Tourism

“WE TOUR - Empowering Women through Tourism” Project, of which KAGIDER is a partner, aims to strengthen women's entrepreneurship through tourism by providing new economic and social opportunities to women in the Black Sea Basin region. Greece being the lead partner, Bulgaria, Armenia and Georgia are the other partner countries. EU supported project carried out between June 2021 and June 2023. The project’s target is to establish a cross-border business network in the Black Sea Basin Region to promote women's entrepreneurship, lifelong cooperation, training and business network. It is aimed to create a strong partnership in the field of women's entrepreneurship not only among the participating organizations, but also between the countries they represent. In addition, promoting gender equality in cooperation with non-governmental organizations is among the main objectives of the project.

While the project opening meeting was held in Thessaloniki on 22-23 November 2021 with the participation of all project partners; before the project closure, more than 200 participants and distinguished guests from 6 countries discussed ways to empower women entrepreneurs in the tourism sector at the WE TOUR International Conference held in Thessaloniki on 21-22 June 2023. WE TOUR project had important contributions to the development of women's entrepreneurship through the support it has provided to women entrepreneurs in the tourism sector in the countries where it has been implemented.