WE - Mentor Project (2007-2008)

We-Mentor Project

WE- Mentor was built on a partnership of 10 EU member states organized in the consortium of the completed project “WomEn2FP6” with the objective of motivating women entrepreneurs to participate in projects under the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission. Four EU member states (Belgium, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom) took the lead to mentor 4 countries for integrating women entrepreneurs into European Research (India, Israel, Romania and Turkey).

Within the WE- Mentor Project, which aims to provide support and consultancy for women entrepreneurs, training of the trainer meetings and also meetings with the regional partners were realized in 2007. By 2008, 32 women entrepreneur profiles were added to the European Database. Furthermore, two workshops were held on October, 16th -17th 2008 in Istanbul and Izmir. As another part of the project, KAGİDER made the first matching of two profiles in the database.