The Women's Fund (2004 - 2008)

The Women's Fund (2004 - 2008)

Its mission:To generate resources from national and international establishments, people and communities and to ensure that these resources are transferred to women’s NGO’s that work towards the goal of attaining gender equality in society and the strengthening of women economically, socially and politically.
Trustworthy channel:A channel that resource owners can trust as being transparent, neutral and an expert in directing their resources towards the "right" projects.
A first:The first institution in Turkey that gives project based funding, this is an example of KAGİDER's entrepreneurship and pioneering.
Attainable resource:A resource that all local, regional and national women’s NGO’s can easily apply to and receive funding for their projects.

Scope of activities:
- 300.00 Euro support to 17 projects:Projects running in İstanbul, İzmir, Mardin, Diyarbakır, Batman, Kocaeli, Adana, Antalya, Antakya, Van, Ağrı, Urfa, Trabzon, Samsun and throughout Turkey.
- Reached more than 7000 women:7000 women were reched directly with the projects that were funded. Also a country wide activity was set into motion through the "Action", "Communication" and "Awareness Campaign" projects.

Through the Projects it has Supported:
-In projects supported during 2004-20052500 women have received vocational training, getting legal counselling and benefiting of day care centres. 45 women have graduated from film ateliers and are making their own films, helping the woman’s perspective to be communicated throughout Turkey and the world. In Ankara a project is being implemented to increase the participation of more women in local politics. In Urfa 100 women are getting psychological counselling; in Mardin 15 women have started up and built their own business; in Van a day care centre is in operation; in Samsun 100 women are becoming entrepreneurs and women’s programs are being broadcasted on local radios.
-In projects supported during 2006-2007400 women in Şanlıurfa got training and psychological counselling. In Kocaeli a psychological counselling centre was established. In Trabzon 300 women were trained on subjects such as social gender, violence, human rights of women and relevant laws, implementations and developments. The Filmmor Women's Co-op made and distributed a film on preventing violence against women throughout Turkey. In Ağrı, within the context of human rights of women, together with the relevant Bar Council a training regading the legal rights of women was organized. Also the founding of the Platform of Woman's Labour and Employment was encouraged in order to unite all institutions active on the employment of women. Prior to the general election in 2007, support was given to the campaign "Is It A Must To Be A Man To Enter The Parliamet" initiated by the Association To Support and Educate Female Candidates.

Advisory Board:
• Dr. Selma Acuner, Ankara University, European Woman Lobby – Member of the Executive Board.
• Nebahat Akkoç, KAMER General Coordinator.
• Ceyda Aydede, KAGIDER Member of the Executive Board, Global Public Relations- Founder & General Manager
• Halime Güner, Uçan Süpürge General Coordinator,
•Zülal Kiliç, KADER, Member of Winpeace and KAYA.