Good for Business

KAGIDER, in collaboration with Boyner Grup and Bank of America Merrill Lynch, has successfully implemented the project that aims empowering women entrepreneurs under the name ‘’Good for Business: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the Sector of Food and Non-Electronic Retail’’ during April-June in 2018. Within the scope of the project, which has been presented by United Nations and the World Bank as a worldwide role model, 23 women entrepreneurs have been able to benefit from the support of personal and corporate capacity improvement.

Via sustainable business models, our goal is to support women entrepreneurs increasing their business capacity and suppliers as well who; specialize in the production of textile works(including home textile), ready-made clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories, manages the production process organization , operates with their own brand name. The objective in the long run has been the continuity of women entrepreneurs adding value in the sense of enviromentally, socially and economically, ensuring the presence of the business, raising the competitiveness by efficiently managing the corporate treasury. Within the scope of the program, participants have been trained by 23 tutors for 8 weeks on 25 different subjects in a wide range of disciplines including technical, legal and juristical information those a business enterprise is required to be acquainted with: stock management, quality, branding, sources of finance, reinforcement, foreign trade and law of contracts. Moreover at the end of the training, the participants have been offered support in; personal and/or group meetings with national and international traders whom they would like to market their products, participation in fairs and on-demand mentorship.