Girls in Kars Move Ahead (2010 - 2011)

KAGIDER successfully realized this educational project in Eastern Anatolian city of Kars. The objective was to contribute to the continuation of girls’ secondary school education and enabling their participation in the labor market. The specific aims of the project were to (1) increase motivations, vocational skills and competencies of girls enrolled in secondary education in order for them to continue their educations and make them more competent for their future professional life. (2) Contribute to the improvement of the quality of vocational and psychological guidance services in dormitories and schools through developing qualifications, vocational skills, competencies and visions of schoolteachers and dormitory tutors. (3) Aim to decrease of gender gap in education by promoting awareness raising among parents and the Kars society on the importance of education for girls. 410 girls in total benefited from this program while 150 family members and teachers received gender awareness seminars.