Development and Acceleration of Woman Entrepreneur in Agriculture Programme

KAGIDER's "Development and Acceleration of Woman Entrepreneur in Agriculture Programme" was held on 8-9 February, 2020. The project was pursued in cooperation with the Migros, at the General Directorate of Migros in Istanbul. 75 women entrepreneurs who have been operating in the agricultural sector for at least one and at most 3 years attended the camp.

In the preparation process of the Project, a selection from 233 entrepreneurs who were operating in the agricultural sector for at least 1 and at most 3 years were made. During the 2-day-camp, in the meetings where experts and successful entrepreneurs from the agriculture sector and Migros marketing managers attended as speakers, the sector was discussed in all dimensions and information was given to help women entrepreneurs grow and become stronger. Participants talked about what to do during the project process, and the experts, public administrators gave information on different fields related to agriculture. The first day marked the speeches of developments related to agriculture in the world and in Turkey, the threat posed by climate change, agriculture, access to markets and finance, issues such as new technologies in the working conditions in the agricultural sector and agriculture. The first day of the program ended with the role models panel in the agriculture sector. The second day featured discussions on branding and sales techniques, as well as the changing consumer demands and trends in the world in food spending. After a presentation where agricultural sector trends and sample practices were analyzed, the participants were divided into groups and an idea development session was held. Group presentations were made afterwards. After the camp, 21 women entrepreneurs were selected and they were provided support in PR, social media & press, mentoring, and so on. The overall number of 2020 participants of the program was 75. The second version of the Project was realized virtually on 8-9 April, 2021. The overall number of 2021 participants of the program was 66. Correspondence and communication with the participants sustain with KAGIDER’s follow-up after the programs end.