Balkan Women Coalition II (2020-2022)

“Balkan Women Coalition II - Social Start-Up Booster for Supporting Female entrepreneurship in Balkans” Project, which started in November 2020, aims to draw attention to the importance of gender equality and empower women, especially through social entrepreneurship.

The project, which was launched in the virtual environment on December 21-22, 2020 within the scope of the Covid-19 measures, addresses social entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment in particular. The Project is supported within the scope of Erasmus + and its main aim is to close the continuous entrepreneurial skills gap and lack of knowledge about social entrepreneurship among women, through an innovative approach that brings together women, social entrepreneurship and angel investment in a unique programme.

The partnership of the Project includes women entrepreneurs associations in 7 countries. With Greece being the applicant of the project, other project partners other than Turkey are North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. With the participation of all partners, actions towards the project objectives are carried out through virtual and physical meetings, seminars, and workshops.

The second international meeting of the Project was held in Thessaloniki on 24-25 November 2021. Project activities is focused on to develop the outputs of the first Balkan Coalition (2012-2014) Project, organizing activities to identify and strengthen the status of women in the field of social entrepreneurship and to enable women’s learning from each other in a way that will constitute a sustainable communication network.