Young KAGİDER Time Management and Communication Skills Training

KAGIDER’s training "Communication and Time Management, hosted by the Young KAGIDER Organization, took place on Monday June 25th at the KAGIDER headquarters in Şişli. KAGIDER member and founder of the counseling agency  “A&C Özsan Eğitim Danışmanlık”, Ayşegül Özsan discussed the foundation of communication skills and effective time management, with the input of the training session’s participants.

One of the biggest challenges of our age, the lack of human skills development, was central to the discussion. The human relations and psychological theories that Aysegül Ozsan addressed were exemplified by the participants’ own life experiences. Focusing on the theme of communication, this collaborative discussion helped the participants increase their knowledge of effective social skills.

The second half the training session focused another major issue of today: time management. Ayşegül Özsan discussed the skills required for effective time management, citing examples of successful Turkish businesswomen. The overall message was that there is enough time to complete all assigned tasks, as long ones time is managed and utilized in productive ways.