Young Ideas Strong Women Project Launch

Cooperation protocol for the Project of “Young Ideas, Strong Women” was signed in a ceremony with the attendance of Republic of Turkey Minister of  Family and Social Policies Fatma Şahin, head of Intel Turkey, Middle East  and Africa Ayşegül İldeniz, and chairman of KAGIDER Gülden Türktan. One of the most important sources is the young population, to be able to become the owner country of one of the 10 biggest economies in the World by 2023.

To be a powerful country in economy and to cover a distance in social field, young people should find ideas and solutions being aware of social subjects which require the usage of technology with a eformist point of view. The Project of “Young Ideas, Strong Women” which is announced under the leadership of Ayşegül İldeniz with Republic of Turkey Ministry of  Family and Social Policies, Intel Turkey and KAGIDER, aims to awake young people to find reformist solutions for improvement of women’s role in Turkey by using technology.

With Intel Young Entreprenurs Program which will be held under the Project, young people between the ages of 18-30 are supposed to find solutions supported with technology or to produce new social entrepreneurship projects directed towards women living in areas where reaching available sources is not easy. With workshops, young people will also have the chance to improve themselves through the information about generating ideas and producing applicable and innovative solutions towards problems using technology.

“Young Ideas, Strong Women” project has 4 stages. In the first stage, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Family and Social Policies and KAGIDER will do a research to determine problems of women considering regional situations and needs and then applications of participants who want to take part in solving problems will be received. Intel and KAGIDER, will arrange a workshop for 2 days to make the participants produce innovative solutions towards determined problems.

In this workshop, participants will try to reveal applicable solution offers directed determined solutions going through a phase of generating ideas in a process called Intel Young Interpreneurship Programme Idea Camp which has 6 stages. These works will be supported by mentorships under the leadership of KAGIDER and applicable projects will be revealed. Solution offers tested with field works in the former phase will be presented to the audience and advanced solution projects will be tried to actualize within the bounds of possibility. In the first year of “Young Ideas, Strong Women Project” planned to be hold for 3 years, an idea camp is planned to be hold with 50- 100 participants from İstanbul, Erzurum and Adana. Over 1000 young people around Turkey are aimed to participate in “Young Ideas, Strong Women Project” in 3 years.

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