"Working Mums"

March 13,2018 Carried with the joint cooperation of Danone and KAGİDER, we have presented the research findings of our project “Working Mums” in a side event within the context of the 62nd Session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women meetings in Church Center to other countries as an example. Aiming at creating awareness in the public on the issue of the value that working mums will add to both themselves and to their families by continuing their work lives, “Working Mums” Project has highly appreciated by the representatives of other countries. In the panel organization, President of UNWomen New York, Mary Luke, was also present as the key speaker.

In the event, President of KAGİDER, Sanem Oktar and General Manager of Danone Su, Gamze Çuhadaroğlu, revealed the results of the study of working mums and their returning back to workforce after giving a break to their professional careers. Accordingly, Sanem Oktar reported that “Working Mums” project aims to encourage women to work so that their self-confidence and economic power will improve as well as the purchasing power and the social status of the family will increase. It is presented that 40% of women stop working after giving birth to their children. In order to change that situation, it is emphasized that public and private sector should work together towards establishing lactation rooms and available kinder garden facilities while keeping in mind that women’s participation to the workforce is a common responsibility for all of us.
In line, Gamze Çuhadaroğlu suggested that Danone is first to initiate a global policy towards working mum and dads, and rewarded as Thematic Champion by HeForShe. She underlined that the carried study results show that working mums who return back to their professional career have a significant positive impact over their children in the sense that the children will acquire the understanding of gender equality at very early ages. 

Mary Luke pointed out that government will faster the initiatives on the issue to support women inclusion to workforce when more women will actively involve in the politics.