Women Leaders of the Future Project carried out by KAGIDER and SANOFI Turkey is in 10th year / 13-16 October 2020

With the cooperation of Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) and Sanofi Turkey, Women Leaders of the Future Project 2020 meeting was held digitally on 13-16 October 2020. This year 1000 applications was received and at the end of a four-day training program, 200 young women from all over Turkey successfully complete a four-day training; The number of "Women Leaders of the Future Project " graduates reached the number of 1000.

KAGIDER President Emine Erdem, Sanofi Turkey Corporate Communications Director Pinar Kaya and Sanofi Turkey Inclusive Diversity Ambassador and Director of the Diabetes Business Unit Bugra Kulak has started with opening speeches. Kulak said that while dreaming about the future of his daughter as a father, he dreamed of a bright future. He emphasized that every step taken to solve gender inequality in social life and business life is very important. Kulak stated that such the problem can only be solved with strong cooperation and strong advocacy of everyone, both men and women. Buğra Kulak has also added that: “Gender inequality is a social problem not only for women but also for men”.