Women Leaders of the Future Project

In 2010 KAGIDER launched Women Leaders of the Future Project to train university graduate or senior university student young women to make them prepared for the norms, requirements, and general environment of the business life. Moreover an entrepreneurial spirit is tried to be provided and civic activism is also encouraged in this program.

“Women Leaders of the Future” Training program is a four day training consisting of preparing your CV, basic transferable skills, interview simulation and basic information on different business sectors. From 2010 to 2015, from almost 9000 applications 388 young women between the ages of 21-25 received the training program.

The Project will continue to empower future women leaders in the upcoming years.

Aims of the Project

· To enhance their sectoral and professional knowledge
· To expand their networks of the job searching
· To increase their access to employment opportunities,
· To develop their professional capacity

The Basis of the Project:

· Trainings
Aims to develop effective strategies to improve their communication skills.
· Job Search
The participants’ job search process will be followed by KAGIDER.

Education Content

· Meeting with role model woman in Professional life
· Career Planning and Professional Orientation
· Business Ethics
· Technology and Informatics Usage in the Business Life
· Basic Finance Skills
· Effective Communication
· Work Place Behavior Styles
· Leadership
· Job Application Process
· Use of Technology in Job Search and CV Writing
· Interview Process
· Interview Simulations
· Macro Economic Trends
· Process of Reaching Goals and Objectives Settings
· Social Activism & Social Entrepreneurship
· Meeting with Women's Social Activist Role Models
· Creativity and Business Life
· Banking
· Telecommunications
· Advertising

At the end of the training, certificates are given to young women participants whose job search process is followed by KAGIDER for six months.