Women Leaders of the Future met with Ayşe Arman

“Sector Meeting” of Women Leaders of the Future Project, which is conducted in cooperation with KAGİDER and Sanofi Turkey since 2011 was held on 6th of June at Tekfen Tower. The famous journalist Ayşe Arman, Sanofi personnels, KAGİDER Board Members, graduates from the Women Leaders of the Future project, and volunteer instructors attended the event. At the meeting, along with Ayşe Arman, sharing her experiences were speeches made by Türkan Özcan, who is the human resources director at Sanofi Turkey and Sanem Oktar.

Ayşe Arman, who has contributions to create new perspective in the society by bringing women stories to her column shared her experiences with the young women. She emphasized that life only happens once and is short. Ayşe Arman said that “Do not live the life which is imposed by others to you. If it is necessary, object them, write your own rules and live with them. I am not so talented but I am brave and I was always brave. Courage is the most important thing that brings success. I think that we should leave our safety zones. I do my job and I live my life by my own rules. You should do everything for yourselves too.”

The president of KAGİDER, made a speech about the importance of women’s employment and mentioned that she is working with a person who graduated from the women leaders of the future project and she is so happy about that. She said that “When African elephants are babies, they are tied to a stake with thick chains. The elephants try to break the chains but they cannot. Then an elephant grows and gets stronger but it has just one obstacle against it: its consciousness. Ever since it was a baby, it could not brake its chains. We need to find out the real power of the elephant and its self-reliance. We want to be with brave women and leaders, who will change the future. Our aim is to reveal the self-confidence in these young people. The young women leaders, who are here today will manage companies and even the country. For this reason, take action and share your power.”