Women Leaders of Technology Awards Find Its Owners

2nd Women Leaders of Technology Awards, which is a project started with the cooperation of Microsoft Turkey and KAGIDER and then involvement of Aydın Doğan foundation last year was held on 12th of June at Microsoft Turkey’s office to award Women Leaders of Technology. The project, which is the first technological program aims to award women gives chance to women of all ages and all occupational groups from secondary school and high school students to professional managers. With this way, the project dynamize sector and women in economy. Women Leaders of Technology Awards gave for 8 categories. Owners of 8 categories and 1 jury’s special award are there: 

* Successful Woman Educator of the Year - Müjde Esin

* Successful woman CIO of the year - ECZACIBAŞI ESAN Figen Demirhan        

* Woman Leader Making Difference in Information - Prof. Dr. Aytul Erçil

* Successful Woman Software Developer of the Year - Elif Koç 

* Successful Women Entrepreneur of the Year - Prof. Dr. Pınar Yolum 

* Women Leader Beyond the Barriers - Serpil Silver 

* Women Leader Making a Difference in Cloud Computing - Özlem Kalender 

* Young Technology Star - İlayda Demircioğlu 

* Future Technology Star Candidate - Deniz Gülbaharlı 

* Juri’s Special Awards – Technological Mothers 

We congratulate all the candidates who participated in the competition for their courage, we wish the success of the women who have been awarded to continue.