Women Entrepreneurs Strengthen with “Good Business”/ 21 October 2020

“Good Business” will be realized within the cooperation of Boyner Group and KAGIDER; also with Bank of America’s financial support. The fourth period of ‘’Good Business: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Retail Excluding Food and Non-Electronic Sectors’’ will be held online due to the pandemic. Within the program, which is indicated as one of the best practices by United Nations and World Bank, there will be developmental support to increase individual and corporate capacity of 27 women entrepreneurs who run business.

“Good Business” has started in 2015 for women business owners who produces products for Boyner Group brands. Since 2018, “Good Business” has conducted with the cooperation of KAGIDER” and within the scope of the program, in 2020 trainings will be given to 27 women entrepreneurs operating in food and non-electronic retail sector such as textile, ready-made clothes, shoes, bags, accessory, home and kitchen textile.

“Good Business” is a 9-week-program that aims to develop social, occupational and financial skills of the women entrepreneurs. Within the scope of the program, topics such as Human Resources Management, Marketing Strategies, Branding, Contract and Labor Law, Obligations and Trade Law, Foreign Trade Incentives, Public Incentive programs and e-trade will be covered. Also, there will be successful women for each topic such as speakers. There will be special meetings for buyer by Boyner Group and there will be networking meetings to reach new markets.

‘’Good Business: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Retail Excluding Food and Non-Electronic Sectors’’ will support women entrepreneurs to enlarge their business, increase number of women entrepreneurs in Turkey, highlight women entrepreneurs and the Project aims to support women in reaching finance and market. “Good Business” will not only support 27 women entrepreneurs, it will also support women who are employed by these women entrepreneurs.

Until now, “Good Business” supported 72 women entrepreneurs to reach the market and also improved their ability to compete. Program has been selected as a best practice example by United Nations and World Bank. It also included in the World Bank’s global “SheWorks” report.