Women Entrepreneurs from Samsun Met

Within the scope of the Women Business Network (W-BUN) Project carried on under the coordination of KAGIDER and in cooperation with KAISDER and BUIKAD, women entrepreneurs from Samsun met. During the meeting, the problems of women entrepreneurs and solutions were discussed.

As a part of the activities of the Project being maintained under the coordination of KAGİDER, and the cooperation of KAİSDER and BUİKAD, the second of the consultation meetings to be held in 8 provinces within the scope of the Women Business Network W-BUN project activities took place in Samsun on 27 December.

57 women participated to the meeting of the Project which set out with the perspective that women entrepreneurs can get the necessary information, have access to job markets in the business world, take part in an effective communication network; moreover, participating women and non-governmental organizations can get consultancy and services, and enhance the capacities of other existing institutions on a national scale. The agenda topics were the experience of women entrepreneurs in public procurements, difficulties, solution suggestions and WBUN principles. Current legislation information about participation in public procurements were conveyed by the expert legal advisor, and the fact that women do not actively participate in public procurements underlined.

Women entrepreneurs will progress thanks to the online platform

The project, which sets out with the view that women entrepreneurs have access to value-added production and job markets and can take part in an effective communication network, also contributes to the global goal of the Partnerships and Networks Grant Scheme. The Women Business Network Project, which aims at the development of civil society through more active and democratic participation, will bring many small and medium-sized women entrepreneurs together.

Taken as the first step in the implementation of the Women Business Network Project, www.ticaretinkadinlari.com realized the establishment of a functional platform with a strong technical infrastructure and a high capacity. The web platform stands out as a powerful tool for women to be successful in public procurements, have access to the necessary information and markets in accordance with the aims of this grant program. With the portal, women will have a platform to support each other where they can find cooperation and do business with each other as well as with institutions that are willing to do business with entrepreneurs.

The Project aims include submitting a law proposal after a draft being negotiated with the public sector, provide services and counseling to WBUN participants, NGOs, participating women and to develop the capacities of other existing organizations at national and international scale.

Within the context of the consultation meetings and public visits, the project team that carries out the “Women Business Network” Project under the coordination of KAGİDER, with cooperation of BUIKAD and KAİSDER visited Governor of Samsun Osman Kaymak on 26 December and visited Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Nihat Soguk, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Member and Vice President Responsible for Women Entrepreneurs Fahri Eldemir on 27 December. During the visits, information was provided on the purpose of the project and the upcoming activities by making evaluations on public support and collaborations. Furthermore, support was requested to direct women entrepreneurs in the region to the women portal of trade.