Women Business Network Meeting was held in Antalya

The 4th of the consultation meetings of the ‘Women Business Network (W-BUN)’ Project which has been set out with the aim of enhancing women’s capacity by taking part in an effective communication network in order to reach the necessary information and job markets in the business world was held in Antalya on 12 February 2020.

Women should be more active in public tenders

Within the scope of the project activities carried out under the coordination of KAGIDER and in cooperation with KAISDER and BUIKAD, the 4th of the consultation meetings to be held in 8 provinces took place in Antalya with the participation of 55 women entrepreneurs. At the meeting; The experiences of women entrepreneurs in public procurements, difficulties experienced and solution suggestions were discussed. A specialist legal advisor shared information about the present legislation on public procurements. At the meeting, it was noted that women don’t take part enough in public tenders, women entrepreneurs are not active in public relations and they needed a little more motivation with this regard.

Women entrepreneurs will progress thanks to the online platform

The Project which set out with the perspective that women entrepreneurs reach value-added services and businesses and be in an active communication network brings together women entrepreneurs around Turkey on the ‘www.ticaretinkadinlari.com’ website. The web platform will constitute a powerful tool for women to be more successful in tenders opened by the public and private sector for purchasing goods and services and to access necessary information and markets. Under the umbrella of the portal, women entrepreneurs will come together and will have the opportunity to support each other, do business together and use the platform as a business channel with the institutions that want to do business with women entrepreneurs. In other respects, the information of women entrepreneurs who can provide the product or service to be purchased by both the public and the private sectors will be available on the platform.

Public visits were made in Antalya

In order for women entrepreneurs to participate strongly in the field of public and private sector tenders, public visits were made to rush the necessary changes in the relevant legislation and to draw attention of local administrations to the Project. In this context, the project team, which continues the "Women Business Network" project, visited Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu in his office. Moreover, during the meetings held with Vice President of the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mustafa Atılgan and the Secretary General of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Cansel Çevikol Tuncer, attention was paid to reach the women entrepreneurs registered to the Chamber and to announce the portal.


Law proposal for public tenders is being prepared within the Project scope

Within the scope of the Women Business Network (W-BUN) Project which aims to ensure that the participating women and non-governmental organizations receive services and consultancy, contribute to the global goal of the Partnerships and Networks Grant Scheme, be more active in policy processes and the development of civil society through participation, a new law proposal is being worked on which is underway for many medium-sized women entrepreneurs to participate in public tenders. The law proposal to be negotiated with the public sector with the project will support the participating NGOs and women in developing their national and international capacities.