We were at the KALDER Breakfast Talks

The KALDER Breakfast Talks titled “Management Women’s Right” hosted the head of KAGIDER Gülden Türktan as a speaker. On March 30th, Breakfast Talks was held at the Ceylan InterContinental.

Following KALDER’s Chairman of the Board of Directors Hamdi Doğan’s opening speech, the panel which was moderated by Milliyet Gazetesi author and honorary member of KAGIDER introduced Meral Tamer. Head of KAGIDER Gülden Türktan spoke about the activities KAGIDER organizes in order to strengthen women. Türktan mentioned the importance of women in management across four differed fronts, she mentioned that these four different fronts were the government, institutions, the woman herself and her family and the support given to the woman’s occupation.

AvivaSA General Manager Meral Eredenk who spoke after Gülden Türktan said that 64% of his 1400 workers were women and that the average age of the employees was 31. The panel took a conversational turn and ended with a few questions and answers.