We were at Liverpool for International Trade Center ITC Program, Shetrades

We went to Liverpool for International Trade Center ITC Program Shetrades, Approximately 500 participants from 60 countries were at Liverpool for the event.

We represented KAGİDER with a strong and crowded delegation formed by KAGİDER President Sanem Oktar, Yeşim Seviğ, Itır Aykut, Nesrin Karaoğlu Otuzoğlu, Fisun Usta, Feyhan Kapralı, Güzin İlker, Mevlude Uygun, Tülin Yazıcı, Sevginar Baştekin, Gülin Okan, Sezen Saral, Derya Türkkorkmaz, Tijen Ziyal, Gözde Ziyal, Emine Şahinkaya, Zehra Öney and PArticipants of “Good Works” Program Sevim Erengil and Zeynep Benli.

3 main sessions were held within the context of the organization. In one of the sessions, Sanem Oktar was present at the panel where other speakers were Cherie Blair who carries out projects related with women rights, Trade Minister of Gambia and UPS President of Global Policies.

In Shetrades events so far, 80 million dollars of business potential as well as 19 million dollars of trade have been realized.

Apart from Shetrades meetings, KAGİDER has conducted several corporate meetings where we came together with OECD, Worldbank and Shetrades consultant, W20 Financial Inclusion President Virginia Littlejohn.

We had a meeting with the program director of Vital Voices for potential opportunities in the future.

First Lady of Afghanistan, Rula Ghani was present with a strong delegation with respect to UN’s Afghanistan strategy. Accordingly, we conducted meetings with people in charge for potential cooperation opportunities.

We exchanged ideas with Kosovo Women Entrepreneurs Association for possible cooperation opportunities.