We Listen to Recent Supports for Entrepreneurs

As KAGİDER, we organized a two-session event with the title of “We Listen to Recent Support for Entrepreneurs”. In the first session moderated by Berrin Kuleli, we hosted KOSGEB SME Assistant Specialist Mete Koyuncu, İŞKUR Deputy Provincial Director Serkan Özmen and KGF Assistant General Manager Şeyda Yavuz. In addition to the current support provided by the institutions, the difficulties and solution suggestions experienced during the applications were shared with the participants. In the second session moderated by KAGİDER Board Member Pınar Akalın; we hosted KAGİDER Board Member Aytül Erçil, KAGİDER Member Melek Yıldız, KAGİDER Member Betül Yurteri, KAGİDER Member Meltem Tepeler, and listened to their experiences in the cases of benefiting and not benefiting from existing incentives.