We discussed Referendum at August’s Breakfast Meeting

KAGİDER President Gülseren Onanç in her  opening speech underlined  that based on  KAGİDER’s values and understanding of democracy, KAGİDER won’t be a side during the upcoming referendum. “KAGİDER never emposes its members or public about constitutional amendment package, but prefers to enlighten the members about the articles,  so we are here to discuss September 12 Referendum with two experts on constitutional law” Gülseren Onanç said.


Prof. Dr. Bertil Emrah Oder and Prof. Dr. Serap Yazıcı, experts on constitutional law, agreed with the need for a broader amendment to the current Constitution. Serap Yazıcı said that constitutions have to improve methods  to ease the problems’ solutions and this package is an initial step. Bertil Emrah Oder stated that she is  against the current amendment package because it had failed to make progress on judicial culture and ethics.