"Turkey's Women Entrepreneur", "Turkey's Promising Women Entrepreneur", "Women Making a Difference in the Region", "Turkey's Women's Social Entrepreneur" Awards

Garanti Bank and Economist magazine in collaboration with the  11'th on this year, organized in the context of the competition,

In addition to "Turkey's Women Entrepreneur", this year's "Women Entrepreneur Promising Turkey", "Women Entrepreneur Making a Difference in the Region" and "Turkey Women's Social Entrepreneurs' categories were also awarded.

The category of "Women Entrepreneurs of Turkey" first hande Locksmith and Sevginar Baştekin first category of "Turkey's Promising Women Entrepreneur" category Duygu Yılmaz first category of "Women Entrepreneur Making a Difference" Büşra Yapıcı, "Turkey's Women Entrepreneur" The first category was Ece Çiftçi. We congratulate all entrepreneur women who participated in the contest.