“The Role of Networking in Our Lives” has been addressed in KAGIDER “Digital Talks”

“The Role of Networking in Our Lives” has been addressed in KAGIDER “Digital Talks”. Journalist Elif Ergu was the moderator of the panel that started with the opening speech of KAGIDER President Emine Erdem. During the panel, Alarko Holding Board Member Leyla Alaton, Ogustto.com Founder Özlem Güsar and Author, Historian and Professional Guide Saffet Emre Tonguç shared important insights and evaluations.

KAGIDER President Emine Erdem: “There are many barriers to women's labor force participation and entrepreneurship, from access to finance to access to the market, from lack of role models to lack of education. As KAGIDER, we continue to work with 8 main strategy groups in order to overcome these obstacles. When we look at the results of many international groups and KAGIDER's own research, it becomes clear that the network and communication network should be developed for women entrepreneurs. The larger your network is, the more opportunities you encounter in your business and private life. Your life will be much easier if you think from a broad framework as to have acquaintances while doing business, to reach new customers, to ensure cooperation and to reach your suppliers and the experts you seek.

Elif Ergu: “Have a strong network.”

“As Turkey and as a world, we are going through a hard test which experience new things. During the pandemic it was difficult to stand up, but such meetings are very valuable and they increase the power with the multiplier effect. Having a network makes us stronger. KAGIDER has a very important place in my life, I am pleased to be present at this meeting and to be the moderator of the meeting.”

Alarko Holding Board Member Leyla Alaton:

“Joining a group means having the characteristics of that group. In this way, we show that we consider that organization, and being in an organization means believing in its truths. KAGIDER is a networking that I give great importance in my life, but if it is necessary to make a constructive criticism, it is a big deficiency that the members ignore the Linkedin. Digital Network has much importance. KAGIDER members must be using Linkedin. Using social media accounts is good to keep the moment alive, but we should take steps by thinking ahead, not today, if we are businesswomen who are active in business life, we should definitely be present there, this channel will be a powerful network tool for us. Today, we need to consider the impact of each post you post on social media, what will it do for me? "

Founder of Ogussto.com, Ozlem Gusar:” The most important thing for networking is sincerity”

“Every job you do with love brings success to you. I never had a road map in my life. I believed in the power of reading and learning. The work you do with love is not for other and it brings you success and trust which are very important factors. In my business life, being reliable has always been much more important than making money, so I have achieved success. If you are in business, networking will undoubtedly be very important. However, on the other hand, network can also pull you down when the wrong people are with you. For this reason, a word I love from my dear friend Salim Kadıbeşegil, "There are people who leave a job in life, and also people who leave a mark." I have always tried to stay away from people who quit their jobs, I can recommend this. For networking, the most important thing in the upcoming period will be sincerity, and this sincerity will come from thinking about not only yourself but others and the whole. ”

Writer, Journalist and Professional Tour Guide Saffet Emre Tongucshared his biggest dream as to write in Hurriyet and that 2004 was his turning point of his life. He said that: “ My efforts, which I tried many times and did not come to an end, changed one day with a phone I received from Ayşe Arman. I had the right networking. Then I met Neyyire Özkan and than Emel Armutçu and my story of Hürriyet started. I am very grateful to them. The biggest problem in Turkey is the quality but not the quantity of the relationships. Social media is the most effective medium for now. I observed that today everyone is running and no one wants to read long articles. Everyone is looking for ‘pill information’ and Instagram is a good tool for this. I have written 22 books so far. It is also important who you know and whether you have reached the right publishing house. The main thing here is the network and the environment you have set up.”