The President of KAGIDER Sanem Oktar Appeared as a Guest on “Yol Boyunca”

In 10th of June, Sanem Oktar was the guest of Yol Boyunca, which is a show that is presented by Tunç Altınbaş and Orkun Yazgan and televise at S Sport. Ms Oktar told a story of strengthening women through entrepreneurship. Sanem Oktar said that “There are 3 main obstacle women have. First one is perceptions and system of thought. Second one is women’s lack of information about process because of the lack of entrepreneur around themselves. The last one is women’s difficulty to reach money. Here, KAGIDER is trying to solve those problems.”

Social opportunity equalization, W20, Equal Opportunities Model (FEM), efficiency from working together of men and women, similarities between business life and sport, how some learnings of sports like spirit of gentleness, respect the rivalry, and learning to defeat be the base of business life, what are the necessities of women being an entrepreneurship and what does KAGIDER do for this aim are the main topics mentioned at the show.

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