The President of KAGİDER Sanem Oktar Appear as a Guest Üst Düzey Show of Bloomberg HT

The President of KAGİDER Sanem Oktar evaluated the targets and projects for KAGİDER’s new season at the Üst Düzey Show of Bloomberg HT as a guest. Sanem Oktar emphasized that the “Kadından Almalı Memleket Kazanmalı” campaign, which is conducted with the Ministry of Economy is going to maintain and she also mentioned KAGİDER’s willing to enact the project and to provide implementation of the project by expanding it all around Turkey.

Some important topics discussed on the show were; , Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum which was organized with the cooperation of the Ministry of Economy, the UN, and KAGİDER, Equal Opportunities Model (FEM), a gender equality certification which was created by KAGİDER in corporation with the UN, organized by TIM during the Israel tour. Also, the 1e1 awards held by KAGIDER and presented by President Sanem Oktar, encourages women’s empowerment and economic vitality.