The Panel “Who Is the Y Generation” was Held by Cooperation of KAGIDER and Deloitte

Y Generation, who questions its future more than ever, on the one hand, worries about problems and dangers that the world faces, on the other hand, Y generation expects business life, especially multinational companies, to be more active against the world’s and societies’ prominent problems.

At this point, KAGIDER and Deloitte organized an event that named “Who Is the Y Generation” to better understand Y generation, which composes 35% of the Turkey’s population.

Deloitte Turkey’s Talent Leader Özlem Gören, Founding President of Human Resources at ManAsset Staffing Solutions Derya Türkkorkmaz, and Manager of Marketing Communications and Corporate Brand Management at MLS Holding Melis Özdemir attended the event as panelists. In the panel, Servisimin Cömert Birced, KAGIDER Board Member, was a moderator. Who is Y generation, how could it be possible to work with Y generation, and how could it be possible to motivate Y generation were the questions that were tried to answer. Also, attendees discussed business life and Y generation ready to work with each other, what are the expectations of Y generation from the business life, and vice versa.