The Minister for Family and Social Policies Fatma Şahin visited KAGIDER Board of Management in Istanbul

Fatma Şahin who came to KAGIDER’s association center with a team received information about KAGIDER’s recent projects. She announced that it is essential to watch the Monitoring and Coordination Board of the National Women's Employment meetings held by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. Exchange of thoughts took place on the increase of violence against women. The Minister stated that the increasing debates that were presented by the media did not provide accurate statistics. Şahin declared that the violence has become more noticeable. She said that we must watch how the rates of violence against women have increased since 2008.

She also announced that the new project that provides hotel service jobs to women formerly living in shelters will be launched in Izmir.

Questions about the ministry’s budget have been asked especially emphasizing on the budget allocated for women. Gender based budgeting was suggested. It was decided that the FEM project would be launched by two ministries: Şahin’s and Dinçer’s. Şahin confirmed that the Ministry of Family and Social Policies was supporting the project and that in all kinds of communication studies this message could be used. The Minister had been informed about KAGIDER’s constitutional studies, and her support was sought. We also shared our demand for advocacy on streaming the reconciliation commission’s meetings live and that we would share this request with the necessary authorities. Minister Şahin said that she would give any needed support in any condition.