Weconvey our congratulations tothe Presidenton being re-elected as the 13th President of Turkiye in the second round of the presidential election heldin May 28th 2023. We wish him success in his duties. Now is the time to take decisions forfurthersteps towards resolving the fundamental issues on our country's agenda. It is essential to embark on a path towards sustainable development, creating an attractive and prosperous Turkiye for investments.

The key issue that will determine Turkiye's future is achieving gender equality. Ensuring women's equal representation in the economy, social life, and politics is of vital importancenot only fortodaybut also for the future. Without achieving this goal, reaching other objectives is notattainable. In this context, it is crucial to avoid any regression in women's rights andnecessaryto add new accomplishments onthetop of the existing ones.

As the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkiye (KAGIDER), we expect concrete steps to be taken towards gender equality and the empowerment of women in all areas. We call for "equalize now". We emphasize that we are ready to provide full support tothe process with our knowledge, experience, and expertise.