Press Meeting 2023

KAGIDER’s new Board, selected for the 2023-2025 term attheGeneral General Assembly held in June, is gathered for a press meeting onSeptember 12th onthe 21st anniversary ofKAGIDER’s establishment. The meeting was held with the participation of KAGIDER’s President Ms.Esra Bezircioğlu,Vice Presidents Şila Gök and Güzin İlker andall KAGIDER Board Members.

In her speechKAGİDER’s PresidentMs.Esra Bezircioglushared information about the status of women entrepreneurs and women in the workforce in Turkey in her speech.She stated:

"The labor force participation rate of women in Turkey remainsfar below the OECD average. The report we prepared in collaboration with Sabancı University titled 'Women's Labor Force Participation in Turkey: General Trends, Regional and Demographic Disparities, Attitudes'contains striking data about the current situation of women's labor force participation in Turkey, regional economic, social, and demographic disparities, and their transformation over time. The report is based on 2021 data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) Household Labor Force Surveys.

According to the report, the labor force participation rate of individuals aged 15 and above in Turkey is 51.4% in total. The rate is70.3% for men and only 32.8% for women.In the last decadethe qualifications and skill requirements of the jobs in which women are employed, theemployment in high-skilled jobshave decreased whiletheemployment in low-skilled jobshaveincreased. Between 2004 and 2021, female employment in unskilled jobs increased by 3%, while female employment in jobs requiring qualificationsdecreased from 21% to 11%. The proportion of women in managerial positionswas7%in 2004 and increased to20% in 2021. The average for OECD countriesin 2021 is33.7%,while theratequite below that in our country.Consequently, there is still a long way to go for women in our country.

As KAGİDER, we will continue our efforts to support the representation of women in allfields of life, as wedid for thelast 21 years. We will also continueto reach women entrepreneurs throughourtrainings and mentoring programs.”

Esra Bezircioğlu also provided information about theKAGIDER’Sprojects in earthquake-affectedregion in her speech. Bezircioglu stated:

"As KAGIDER, from the very beginning of the earthquake, we mobilized to meet immediate needs with our members. While doing this, we also started working on producing permanent solutions.A co-working place will bewill be opened in the coming weeks inHatay EXPO, of which we formed with the partnership of a consortium. Weare planning similar projectsin the cities of Adıyaman, Kahramanmaras, and Malatya as well.

Moreover, as KAGİDER, wewill be establishing a 'Training and Poduction Center'in Hatay, where the women will be trained and start production in terms of theirknowledge and skills.

Our dream is a Turkey where women and men are equally represented in all aspects of life, where they have equal opportunities, and where women are equally presented in parliament, boards of directors, local governments, leadership positions in the business world, and the entrepreneurship ecosystem.KAGİDER will continue to work towards achieving this dream."