PERYÖN People Management Congress

In its 25th year, PERYÖN People Management Conference hosted almost three thousand professionals.  There were around eighty speakers, both from Turkey and from abroad.

This year during the conference the most prominent topics of discussion were: decision making and surviving in the Digital Age, breaking down old systems and creating new ones, and the importance of equality and courage in the workplace.

“The Ones That Speak with Their Heart Forum”, which was held under the PERYÖN People Management Conference, hosted Haluk Levent and Sanem Oktar, the President of KAGIDER.  The session was mediated by Ayse Arman and witnessed many colorful scenes. 

During the forum, the President of KAGIDER Sanem Oktar pointed out to the guests that a woman entrepreneur in Turkey employs at least three people which indicates that supporting women entrepreneurs will lead to an inevitable development in the Turkish economy.  Oktar added that, although currently 8.3 million women are actively in the workforce, only 4.3 million of them are working in official jobs under adequate working conditions. 

Oktar also touched on the topic of ‘working mothers’ by emphasizing the importance of kindergartens and stressed strongly that if the necessary support isn’t provided 20 million women will keep having to stay home.