Organized with the cooperation of KAGİDER, Garanti Bankası and Economist, 12th Turkey’s Woman Entrepreneur Competition delivered its prizes!

Being organized since 2007, “Turkey’s Woman Entrepreneur Competition” was held in Swiss Hotel on November 28, 2018.

Until today, more than 37.000 applications were received for the competition. The winners for 12th Turkey’s Woman Entrepreneur Competition, which has 4 subcategories as “Turkey’s Woman Entrepreneur”, “Distinctive Woman Entrepreneur in the Region”, “Promising Woman Entrepreneur” and “Social Woman Entrepreneur” are as follows:

  1. Turkey’s Woman Entrepreneur – Müşerref Sezen Saral (Selekt Computer/ Reeder)
  2. Distinctive Woman Entrepreneur in the Region – Nazlı Uyanık Yıldız (Agrinatura Food)
  3. Promising Woman Entrepreneur – Rana Sanyal (RS Research)
  4. Social Woman Entrepreneur – Müjde Esin (KızCode)

We congratulate all women entrepreneur applicants and wish them luck on their successful ways!