“My Dream Partner” Education and Training Platform, which aimed to help young women between the ages 18-25 achieve their dreams, was launched

Hosted by KAGİDER and supported by New World Program, “My Dream Partner” education and training portal was launched online.

“My Dream Partner” Platform will guide the young women who want to start their Professional careers in a well-equipped way. The online platfrom can be reached by registering through www.dusortagim.com website with mobile devices and PCs online or offline.

In “My Dream Partner” platform, videos recorded by professionals in their fields on the topics of “Time Management”, “Social Entrepreneurship”, “Interview Techniques”, “Body Language”, “Strengtheing through Technology” and “Gender Equality” as well as informing blog posts, reports and presentations are available. It is also possible to have fun while learning in “My Dream Partner” platform. Surprises are waiting for those who complete watching all the training videos!