Mobility Project Kick-off Meeting Held in Thessaloniki

The “Mobility Project- Balkan Women Network for Professional Qualification and Training in the Field of Business and Economic Science” is a project partner of KAGIDER and the inaugural meeting occurred on March 20-22 in Thessaloniki.

KAGIDER’s General Secretary Yeşim Seviğ and the Deputy General Secretary Nuray Özbay attended the first meeting of the project in order to understand the general structure and prepare the required distribution of tasks.

At the Mobility Project kick off meeting Yeşim Seviğ made a speech underlining the importance of the economically strengthening of the Balkan Coalition women.

After the press conference, the closed group meetings occurred.

The conclusion to these two day meetings included the following:

The establishment and configuration of the Balkan Coalition.

The planning of the Mobility Project.

The four study groups that will be established were declared as: governance, communication, coordination, and advocacy. KAGIDER as a main stakeholder of the project announced that they would support the advocacy group.