KAGIDER's women entrepreneurs will embark on digitalization with Pusula.

KAGIDER Pusula, an online education platform created by KAGIDER to provide guidance to women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs through voluntary training by KAGIDER members and experts, has added a new "Digitalization" training module to the platform. This module, developed by KAGIDER asapart of the "Women Business Financing and Consulting Program" conducted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and financed by the Republic of Turkiye, aims to enhance the digital skills of women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs and help them achieve digital transformation.

The module includes 17 videos focusing on various aspects of digitalization. Participants whocompletewatching all the videos receives a certification.

KAGIDER’s PresidentEmine Erdem mentioned that"Digitalization offers a balancing opportunity for women entrepreneurs." and shemade the following statement regarding the collaboration:

"Digitalization has created an equalizing opportunity for women entrepreneurs, especially with the increase in e-commerce. With the "Digitalization" module that we have added to our Pusula platform, we aim to help both women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs adapt to the digital age and enhance their knowledge in this field, thus achieving digital transformation. The valuable and expert trainers in the videos will serve as comprehensive guides, addressing all their questions on the path to digitalization. We thank the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for collaborating with us on this project."

Serpil Çetinçift: "EBRD supports enhancing women's digital skills and designs special programs for this purpose."

Serpil Çetinçift, Senior Regional Manager of SME Financing and Development Group at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), made the following statement about the collaboration:

"Especially in the post-COVID period, digital transformation has changed the way businesses operate and has become essential for their growth. Unequal access to digital skills and tools has caused disadvantaged groups, especially women, to lag behind in the business world. EBRD supports women in adapting to this change and enhancing their digital skills to adapt to new business trends. We believe that specially designed programs for this purpose are of great importance. We express our gratitude to our valuable donor, the Republic of Turkiye Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and our implementation partner, KAGIDER, for their contributions to develop this program and reaching entrepreneurial women on our behalf."

A rich content ranging from digital transformation to artificial intelligence

The training videos in the module cover the following topics and trainers:

• The Impact of Digital Transformation on Sectors (Bade Özkan)

• What is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation in the World and Turkiye, Steps of Digital Transformation (Özlem Turhan)

• Cloud Technologies (Serkan Şahin)

• Creating a Consent Database (Zeynep Yağmur)

• Personal Data Protection Law Processes (Zeynep Yağmur)

• Digital Citizenship and Its 9 Elements (Ufuk Tarhan)

• Artificial Intelligence (Şebnem Özdemir)

• The Impact of Industrial Transformation on Sectors (Nuri Demirdöven)

• Digital Sustainability (Dr. Çağla Gül Şenkardeş)

• How to Measure Your Digital Maturity Level (Suat Eroğlu)

• Digital Marketing (Yaprak Yapsan)

• Social Media (Gizem Erim)

• E-commerce and E-Export (Duygu Aktaş)

• Big Data Concepts (Hale Cide Demir)

• E-Learning (Ahmet Hançer)

• Green Pact - Technological Obligations (Hakan Göl)

• Software Design Processes (Akın Kaldıroğlu)

To watch the training videos in the "Digitalization Training Module" for FREE, visit KAGIDER Pusula portal: http://kagiderpusula.org