KAGİDER was in Gaziantep for “I am Learning My Rights” Project

The first step of KAGIDER’s I am Learning My Rights Project was realized in Gaziantep on Tuesday October 26th, with the partnership of Konrad Adenauer Foundation. Gaziantep was the first city which is planned to be followed by four other Anatolian cities to be visited within the framework of I am Learning My Rihts Project.


Participation to the event was significantly high, which took place in the Gaziantep Onat Kutlar Theater. Ayla Sevand, KAGİDER Vice-President delivered the opening speech, in which she mentioned the changes in women’s human rights laws internationally and in Turkey since the last 20 years. She said that these changes weren’t enough and continued: “Our aim is to understand which changes are in our favor and to explain how to use them in our lives. Sevand put emphasis on the fundamental aim to create an equal world where women and men are equal and that we are today far from that status of equality.


After the Ayla Sevand’s speech, Attorney at Law Hatice Uçum made an informative presentation on the legal rights acquired during the EU integration process. The presentation was followed by a small role play “Across Generations” written by Attorney at Law İlke Özün, directed by İbrahim Lale, the co-director of Gaziantep Municipality Theatre and performed by the actresses of the Gaziantep Municipality Theatre.