KAGIDER was at the World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition

The World Muslim Youth Summit and Exhibition (POWER 2017) organized by World Islamic Forum together with International University of Africa with contributions from the OIC; which is being prepared by the National Committee composed of TASAM and Turkey-based youth NGOs, is expected to have a wide participation in POWER 2017.

In POWER 2017 the main theme was “Youth Strategy: Building Power and Justice”. The Summit was held on April 07-09, 2017 in Khartoum, Sudan in order to develop fundamental values of Muslim youth through assigning their targets, ensuring cooperation, forming coordination with relating all institution and organization, developing youth programs, determining active and qualified Muslim Youth Strategy.

The Summit was held for the first time on a global scale with the participation of ambitious and successful Muslim youth, intellectuals, thinkers, wing leaders and youth-oriented NGOs and think tanks. The Summit was the main platform where the participants share their fixation, opinions and suggestions.

There were lots of issue discussed in Power 2017. According to Power 2017, one of the most important challenges for Muslims in the modern society is the women transition issue of the traditional society. Another issue emphasized in the Summit was that the Islamic countries have to develop a meaningful and lasting vision for Muslim women in modern production and consumption patterns, employment, urbanization processes and social structure without ignoring their original values.

KAGIDER gave its support to Power 2017 by the attendance of KAGIDER's Vice President and Advocacy Strategy Group President Dr. Zehra Güngör.