KAGİDER was at the WOMANist Meeting

The Istanbul International Women Meeting, WOMANinst, was organized by the Istanbul Women Research Centre within the scope of Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture on November 5-6th at the Istanbul Congress Centre.


As the activity’s aim was to build a consensus on finding solutions to gender inequality problems in Turkey, to take joint action, to support the already made enterprises, and to strengthen dialogue, KAGIDER attended the meeting with a presentation of the “We Want a Job” Campaign.


Gülseren Onanç, President of KAGIDER, introduced KAGIDER’s campaign “We Want to Work!”, that is about increasing female employment. She talked about how they started this campaign in order to convince the government and companies to take action to increase women employment. Onanç listened to the women’s questions one by one and provide sincere answers to every single one of them.


KAGIDER continued listening to women’s problems at their booth in the meeting and took steps to cooperate with other NGOs.