KAGIDER Was at Berlin for W20

W20 was held on 24 – 26 April at Berlin as a part of G20. KAGIDER committee which includes KAGIDER’s President Sanem Oktar, KAGIDER’s Honorary Board member Gülden Türktan, KAGIDER’s Secretary General Yeşim Seviğ, and KAGIDER’s Ankara Representative Sinem Ulutürk attended the Summit.

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, Queen of the Netherland Maxima, the President of the IMF Christine Lagarde, and adviser of the US president Ivanka Trump attended the meeting. At the end of the meeting, “Communique of 2017 W20 Germany” was shared with Angela Merkel. The communique includes “Participation to Labor Market”, “Financial Comprehensiveness”, “Digitalization”, and “Empowerment of W20” for sustainable growth.

W20 was opened during Turkey’s term at 2015 to raise the participation of women into the economy for G20 countries and W20 presidency and its secretariat was given to KAGIDER for this term. Also, KAGIDER was the host of W20 summit at that time.

After the Summit, the KAGİDER committee visited Turkey’s Germany ambassador Ali Kemal Aydın and shared about W20 and future projects of KAGIDER.