KAGİDER Press Release(Young KAGİDER Test)

With a very painful experience, once again, we came to the realization that the prevention of violence against women in Turkey is urgent. Within one day, academician Aylin Sozer was brutally murdered in Istanbul, Selda Taş in Malatya, and Vesile Sönmez in Gaziantep. Aylin Sozer was a companion of KAGİDER President Emine Erdem through their studies about ensuring gender equality and prevention of violence against women that conducted by the Gender Equality Expert Committee at Turkish National Comission for UNESCO.

The issue of preventing violence against women, for which we could not get the desired results despite all efforts, is among the top issues of the agenda these days, when millions of people have to stay in their homes due to coronavirus. Violence is a result of the discrimination against women in legal, cultural and social spheres and also a result of social inequalities between men and women. It is important to see this problem in integrity and to maintain an effective struggle.

The painful losses we experienced once again showed how important the The Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence, known as the Istanbul Convention.

The Istanbul Convention is a major stage in the struggle of women for equality, freedom, and decent living conditions. Law No. 6284 about the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence Against Women, is one of the most powerful tools to protect women and children from violence and discrimination. In order to prevent violence against women, the public administration should use all the legal instruments in the most effective way, and the security forces should always be on the alert. Our condolences on the passing of Aylin Sözer, Selda Taş and Vesile Sönmez.



Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey