KAGİDER in Ankara to Meet the Details of the Care of Children Model

A comittee from KAGİDER came into some contacts  with the Ministry in July 25. The comittee included the chairman of the KAGİDER Gülden Türktan, the member of the board of directors Devrim Erol, the assistant of general secretary Nuray Özbay, and AÇEV CEO Ayla Göksel and Ankara delegate of AÇEV Seda İnal also participated this commitee. The comittee visited the competent office of the minister Fatma Şahin and expressed their gratitude for her political endorsement and leadership in the milstones of the Care of Children Model. The comittee took the minister Şahin’s opinions about the expected process in becoming law of the Care of Children Support and moreover; they exchanged of view about the incentive of women employment. To lengthen the paid maternity leave and the structure of incentive of the care of children was the main issue of the meeting. In the meeting with the asisstant deputy minister Aşkın Asan, the comittee have taken information about the embodiment of the care of children model technique operations in the ministry.

After that, the comittee visited the minister Faruk Çelik in his the competent office and they expressed their gratitude about his effort in embodiment of the care of children model. The comittee delivered their happiness about pull their own weight in embodiment of care of children model as a non-govermental organization and the comittee have also told their desires about supporting the process of care of children model via their specializations in the context of the becoming law. The chairman of the KAGİDER Gülden Türktan delivered their desires about increasing the target that the cabinet’s plans to increase %35 the women employment’s rate, and the comittee delivered that Turkey should have the vision about the women employment in global competitive and the comittee also demanded from the minister Çelik that the enlarged rate of women employment aroun %35 should be increased. The minister Çelik indicated that the Employment Strategy is re-evaluated  in every two years according to the Action Plans and the women employment targets can re-evaluated in the context of 2014-2016 Action Plan. The comittere wanted to see the ministry’s plan about how the prediction of the process about care of children will be, and the minister Çelik indicate that after the October , the necesssities about this law can be abolished. The minister Çelik emphasized that the related ministiries have accorded in principle about the Care of Children Model and now the necessary article in law is arranged; therefore, the comittee specified their intention about being ready to support this process.