Kagider hosted U.S Council General Sharon Wiener at –BİZ

US Council General Sharon Wiener addressed Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) members, media representatives and other participants at a breakfast meeting at KAGIDER’s Woman Development Center –Biz on Thursday.


President of KAGIDER Gülseren Onanç asked US Council General Sharon Wiener for the last three years how US-Turkey relationship is and how it changed during the time. Wiener, who has been serving as Council General in Istanbul for three years, will be in charge of the appointment of new diplomats in Washington.

The United States does not see Turkey as turning its back to the West and believes Turkey’s multiple identities are the country’s strengths, not weakness, Wiener has said. According to Wiener, US President Barack Obama’s decision to visit Turkey in April 2009 as his first intercontinental trip was a conscious choice. “Turkey and America’s relations with Turkey are critical to meeting the challenges of our time” she said.