KAGİDER hosted TAV Group CEO Sani Şener

KAGİDER hosted TAV Group CEO Sani Şener at April Breakfast Meeting. Şener talked about development of TAV Group, women entrepreneurship and the importance of women employees. He said “An entrepreneur is the one who analyses data very well and transforms it into knowledge. And you need to provide a wide network in order to disseminate this knowledge. Entrepreneurship is the courage of bringing the business ideas to life which everyone sees but no one thinks.” Şener emphasized that there are many ‘devil's advocates’ in companies and said “These people are the killers of innovative ideas. They always talk about the failures that might happen in the future and kill the new ideas. Thus, keep away from those devil’s advocates in your company, so that you can bring your ideas into reality. He also emphasized that the government, opposition and NGOs always talk about structural reforms but none of them explains what those reforms are. He said “One of those reforms is law and the other one is education. If we make those structural reforms, we can get out of this middle income trap.”