KAGİDER Hosted Serpil Timuray

On January 24th, 2012, KAGİDER’s Monthly Breakfast Meeting was held at Avantgarde Hotel. With the participation of Serpil Timuray, Chief Executive of Vodafone Turkey, many subjects based on the title of “Communication Technologies and Woman’s Economic Empowerment” were discussed in the meeting. KAGİDER President Dr. Gülden Türktan who made opening speech of the meeting emphasized on that “three subjects that must be overcome to reach its aims in current situation of Turkey’s economy”

  1) Solving problems in employment, it means increasing employment generally but first increasing women employment.

  2)  Making systemic changes in educational field, supporting critical and creative thinking.

  3) Being closely integrated with global trends.

 “It is really clear that communication technologies can be a big instrument in these three subjects. Clearly, we have to consider how we can use communication technologies for the sake of economic and social benefits.”

Serpil Timuray also gave information about “Woman’s Movement in Technology” programme conducted by Vodafone and KAGIDER collectively. She said that “Technologic Work Idea” competition’s result would be announced on March 8.

Serpil Timuray emphasized on that “Nowadays, there are some basic difficulties that we need to face. One of the most important subjects in the agenda of national economies is a question that “how can we reach a sustainable economy?” There are two responses: First, providing changes and innovation by using technology efficiently. Second are women. It needs to empower women, and procure gender equality and it has to be regarded as a smart economy model.

She also told an anectod about “Farmer’s Club Programme” of Vodafone.

“In this programme, our farmers send SMS related to their products, and we advertise them via virtual platform. Recently, a farmer called us and said he had received an order of 400 tons of potatoes, but because the order was from England, he did not know what he could do, and he took our advice. These kinds of news make us glad. When we think that more than half of the  workers in this field are women, this also makes us happy.”

Serpil Timuray said, “Last year, smart phone usage around the world was 700 million. This year, it has reached 1 milliard. In next three years, it will be supposed to reach 2 Milliard. The rise is very important. Mobile technologies will continue to advance in future, we call this era as “Mobile Renaissance” as well. So many transforms which open up our horizon are waiting for us that we should place our women more strong status in the Mobile Renaissance. We believe that by using technology and empowering women, we can make a big difference.”

Serpil Timuray’s speech ended with audience’s questions.