KAGİDER hosted a woman activist, Meral Tamer

On November 4th, 2010 KAGİDER’s Monthly Breakfast Meeting was held at Woman Development Center –Biz, with journalist-writer Meral Tamer as guest speaker. 


Gülseren Onanç, President of KAGİDER began her opening speech with an emphasis on Meral Tamer’s sensitivity about gender issues. Onanç underlined that Meral Tamer has been closely following KAGİDER since its establishment and gave samples of Tamer’s articles on KAGİDER. Onanç declared Tamer as an Honorary Member because of her intellectual support to KAGİDER’s works besides her awareness and interest on gender issues. She presented Tamer a certificate of her honorary membership of KAGIDER and a photoblock of her writings about KAGİDER.


Onanç said that her first book “Aşkolsun Kanser” (Shame on you Cancer!) helped Tamer to boldly express herself. Onanç also commented, “With Tamer’s book we understood that Meral Tamer is an important activist who questions the status quo, runs after her own aspirations not after the ones that were given or are taught. One of KAGİDER’s missions is also to increase the number of women who take a stand against what has been taught, who questions things and who produce.”


Meral Tamer underlined KAGİDER’s works and said, “I will always be with you like I have been since today.” She continued with the question of what kind of a 2010 she would have lived, if she wouldn’t get cancer: “First of all, I wouldn’t be at this side of the table right now. There would be someone else as a guest and I would be the journalist, the one who takes the notes.” She told that with the book she got the opportunity to meet with other readers than her regular ones and that she felt the circle of love during her well being.


She mentioned that since her last year she started to get to know herself because of her illness, that she now tries to actualize what she wasn’t able to do during that period and that she passes her life in review in her book “Aşkolsun Kanser”. During the sincere meeting Tamer told some emotional stories about her childhood, her teenage years, school memories and business life.