KAGİDER continues its international meetings!

KAGIDER president Gülseren Onanç and EU Committee member Ayla Sevand attended the Turkey-EU Mixed Negotiation Committee Meeting on Dec. 18-19. KAGIDER continued its meetings in Paris with several major women’s NGOs there. Onanç and Sevand shared their views with the NGO presidents on several issues, especially the women’s concerns and the EU dynamics. KAGIDER searched for future common project grounds on the eve of KAGIDER’s France communication project. The president end founder of Paris Pionnieres, Frederique Clavel, hosted KAGIDER in their office and told their projects that’s how KAGIDER had the chance to compare and contrast their own projects. KAGIDER was also inspired by their incubation projects. The meetings were continued with Force Fammes, an NGO founded in 2005. Force Fammes provides several services to entrepreneurs who recently entered the market. They have provided mentorship almost to 5,000 women up today. Onanç and Sevand also met with Corinne Bouffandeau, the wife of the former Turkish ambassador in France and an activist women’s advocate. She was informed about KAGIDER’s France EU Communication Project.