KAGIDER's traditional breakfast was discussed about increasing women's employment and the number of female entrepreneurs.

Labor and Social Security Minister Jülide Sarıeroğlu was invited to the KAGIDER's traditional breakfast meeting this month.

In the meeting, a solution proposal was discussed to increase the number of female employment and female entrepreneurs. 

In addition to Sarıeroğlu's meeting, SGK Chairman Mehmet Selim Bağlı, Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MoLSS) Deputy General Director of International Labor Force Saadettin Akyild, General Director of ÇSGB Labor Nurcan Önder, ÇSGB Vocational Qualifications Authority Adem Ceylan, İŞKUR Deputy General Manager Cafer Uzunkaya, General Director of Occupational Health and Safety Orhan Koc and ÇSGB Ministry Counselor Hikmet Timur and KAGİDER President Sanem Oktar, KAGİDER Board of Directors and members also participated.