KAGİDER's official declaration about the current situation in Turkey

Turkey will continue to be a powerful player in the global economy!

The synchronized resistance movement of the Turkish people has once again shown how deep-rooted democracy is in Turkey and proved that the governance can only be changed through legal elections in a democratic manner. Turkey has secured herself to be a country of attraction for the business investments, venue for international organizations and a safe destination for international travelers and tourists.

Upon the recent events in Turkey, we strongly felt the need to share information with our stakeholders and partners and alliances from all over the world about current developments in Turkey.

On the evening of July 15th, a fraction within the Turkish Armed Forces tried to launch a coup d’état against the elected Government of Turkey. The President, the Prime Minister, Government, Members of Parliament from both ruling and opposition parties and people came together to defeat the coup attempt and stood by democracy and the rule of law.

All the political parties, Turkish Business community, Turkish civil society, media and the people stood firmly behind the Turkish democracy, the Constitution, Turkey’s democratic politics and her democratic institutions. State of emergency was declared in order to  take swift and effective steps required to eliminate the threat against Turkish democracy, rule of law and the rights and freedoms of Turkish citizens; whilst many other developed countries are as well currently in state of emergency for their security.  This state of emergency does not affect daily lives of civilians, international travelers, the business community and the investors in Turkey. The Government also emphasized that reforms to improve investment climate will continue.

Turkish economy remains strong and resilient; ready to withstand any challenges. Immediately after the failed attempt, the Turkish Central Bank has announced measures to ensure financial stability and to minimize the adverse effects of these events.  With the nationwide commitment on democracy and solidarity of allies all over the world, Turkey will continue its march on the path of democracy, economic and social development.

Turkey and Turkish democracy can emerge stronger from this incident and KAGIDER does know that achieving her mission requires a strong democratic infrastructure; therefore she will be among the guardians of democracy in Turkey.